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A Movement In Time And Space

Moving through time and space in our own way

Priya Bradfield
5 April 1972
NOW: Another update! We've moved back to the US and I am thrilled to be home! We survived the 3 years in South Korea and we're all stronger for it...especially me!

I am now a SAHM, again, to Maya and Nadia. Heavily involved in PTA and organizations at their school. Also, running around to their various after school activities.

BEFORE: WOW, I have to update my profile!
NOW: Hi Everyone! I'm Priya, currently a working mommy! I work part time as the PR Manager for GoPets, Ltd. I've been working for them since mid-July, 2006.

The days I'm not working, I'm at home being a mommy to my two girls, Maya and Nadia. I talk about them a lot in my LJ.

Everything else I said below about Chris and living in LA before moving to Seoul is still true. :-D

FIRST: Hi everyone. I'm Priya, currently a stay-at-home mommy to two little girls. I've been married to Chris since 1994. We've lived in the Los Angeles area since getting married and last year, 2005, marked a huge change for us: we moved to Seoul, Korea. I decided to start this blog to keep friends and family updated on what's going on with us when we move.

My big hobby right now is scrapbooking, which I love to do! Totally addicted!

My other hobby is GoPets. My husband works for them, the reason we made the move to Seoul. GoPets is a virtual pet game, but much cooler than just that. It really is a community - your virtual pet travels the GoPets network and visits other users around the world. I've made a pretty good set of friends on there. Try it, it is totally fun and the pets are so cute, to boot!

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