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More birthday pictures!

On the evening of Maya's birthday, Chris came home a little early from work so that we could give her presents from us and the grandparents. Most of these gifts came from Chris' trip to the US, hidden away for the last few weeks.

It was hard on Nadia! She totally gets that you get presents on your birthday, but the whole time she kept trying to convince us that it was her birthday too. Poor baby. Helping Maya open presents wasn't cutting it for her. And some of the things that Maya got were not suitable for Nadia to play with. Tears were shed. :-( But the next morning, after Maya went to school, Daddy gave her a little present (a Goliath plush from Jojo's Circus) as well and she was happy again.

Pixel Chix! Pixel Chix!

Maya had sent an email to Chris of things she wanted from the US. This was one of those things!
Kids Next Door figures! Kids Next Door figures!

Cute Pencil Sharpener! Cute Pencil Sharpener!

YAY! Good for pencils and colored pencils too!
Doodle Bear! Doodle Bear!

Another thing on her list from the US.
Cute dress! Cute dress!

Dresses were definitely on that list!
Big Girl Razor!! Big Girl Razor!!

WOW! Not one of those dinky three-wheeled scooter - Daddy went all out!
Uh.... Uh....

I think she wanted the three-wheeled one...she needs to learn to balance.
Nadia loves it! Nadia loves it!

Our little stunt rider.
We all dig it! We all dig it!

Daddy needs a helmet!
Mommy can ride it too! Mommy can ride it too!

Well, she can pose pretty good on it, at least.

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