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School birthday party

Maya is six. This year, for some reason, I haven't freaked out and wondered where my baby is. I don't think of six as very different from five. Five...I was just in awe of her and how much she'd grown. Five was the year she'd be going to kindergarten. Five was the year she would no longer be a preschooler. I looked at her yesterday and thought to myself, "wow, she doesn't look any different than she was before her birthday."

But night before her birthday, Chris and I were talking about it and he thinks six is a huge age. LOL

Anyway, we had a party at her school on the 8th. I went in at 11am. We had pizza, PB&J sandwiches, orange slices and orange juice. And cake, of course.

Some pictures from the party at school

One of the little girls in her class came up to me towards the end of the party and said that she thought Maya's party was so much fun. LOL I'd like to think that she doesn't say that at every party, but what party at school isn't fun? I didn't even do anything special. I took in 4 12x12 pieces of cardstock and asked the kids to collaborate on making birthday pictures/cards for Maya. They seemed to not understand that at first, but then they really got into it. Especially the girls - they liked drawing together.

Maya is still clamoring for a slumber party. She wants to invite all the girls from her class. That's seven girls all together! Last year, we did a slumber party with the kids in the playgroup back in LA. That was five all together, but the difference was that we've known all the girls almost since they were born. I know these girls in her class, but hardly any know Chris. And from what I gather, almost none of them have done sleepovers! I wonder how many would actually show up...anyway, we're thinking of doing this next weekend. Worse comes to worse, we call the parents and have them pick up their kid at midnight. LOL Chris and I would be up anyway!
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