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Snowy Days

Well, the ridiculously cold days had to finally culminate into snow, right? Last Friday, the low was about 11 degrees Farenheit. With the wind, it was probably close to 5 degrees. I was cursing a lot that day.

But this morning, we woke up to tons of snow on the ground and more falling. Chris and Maya walked to the bus stop as usual, but the bus never came! It couldn't make it up our steep hill, I guess. The school called me to let me know. Luckily Chris took his cell phone, so I could call him to let them know. The other kid who rides the bus, his dad has a car, so he took the kids to school. At least we didn't have to try to find a taxi to get her to school - apparently people here don't know how to drive in the snow!

Anyway, it wasn't as cold as it was last Friday, so Nadia and I got ready and walked out with Chris. He went to work (and apparently fell once on that steep hill!) and Nadia played in the snow in front of our building. She had such a good time. She loved it. She kept saying, "It's fun, Mommy!" and "I WOVE snow!" and "The snow is deyicious!" LOL

The old lady who works in our apartment building (she's sort of the building cleaning lady) was out there shoveling the sidewalk and generally yelling at people to not track snow into the building. *eyeroll* Ajummas, the Korean word for elderly women, are notorious for just yelling at people. And this one was no exception. Every so often, she'd look at Nadia and then mutter to herself while shaking her head. I'm sure she thought that I was a terrible mother and that Nadia would catch her death from the cold. Whatever. Nadia was having the time of her life, laughing and giggling and just discovering things. Like when she saw all the snow piled up on the handrail - she proceeded to push it all off. Or when she found all the snow on the big rock she and Maya like to sit on sometimes. She had to wipe all the snow off of it and discover the rock again. Or when she listened for the birds. Or when she discovered that she could make handprints and footprints in the snow and they were HERS!

I watched her, amazed at seeing everything from her perspective. It was like being curious about the world all over again rather than tired and stressed out and just a bit pessimistic. I love it when I can just relax and take in what my children see.

After a while, since the snow was coming down the whole time we were out there, my jacket and hat were soaked. Nadia didn't seem to mind though. LOL Thankfully though, after promising to take her out again when Maya gets home, I was able to get her to come inside before I froze.

I took about 100 pics in the hour we were outside. Don't freak out - I'm only going to post a few. I uploaded 15 to my Gallery.

See some more pictures!

I just have to say that my children are amazing. I don't care what anyone else says about them or thinks about me saying that. It is the truth.
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