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Seoul makes a newcomer feel very small. Everything is big here...big crowds, big buildings. I feel pretty lost and isolated right now. Not knowing the language doesn't help either. The city is so busy. Everyone has somewhere to go, something to do. Me, I don't know what to do just yet, don't know where to go or when. Just have to keep the kids happy and busy. But Maya doen't care to just wander the street to take the sights. And it is impossible to do that with little Nadia. She is just all over the place and it is very tiring for me to keep her going or to carry her when she wants to be carried all the way home.

Today, me and the girls were on our own for the first time. Chris had to go to work and so we had the day to ourselves. Mainly we sat in our hotel room and watched tv (while Nadia took a two hour nap). But we ventured out for lunch. We walked a few blocks to, of all places, McDonalds. I actually made it through the ordering process (and it was actually right!). And we sat there and ate our lunch in the midst of the Monday lunch crowd. Quite a few people stopped to stare at Maya and Nadia and a couple of people actually took Nadia's picture with their camera phones. They look at Nadia and her round face and huge eyes and think she looks just like an anime character. It is quite amazing to have a child for whom crowds just stop and ooh and ahh and shriek over. Anyway, we got through lunch and then went for a short walk around the block. But Maya wasn't interested in just walking without a purpose. So, we headed back to the hotel. We made it out and back without too much trouble.

We stayed the rest of the day in the room. I watched some tv, flipping back and forth between Cartoon Network and CNN. Maya watched a movie and I tried to organize our tons of luggage. Chris got home around 6:30pm and we went out for dinner. And that was that.

It is hard for me to be without a schedule, without a purpose each day. I have to find interesting and new things to do each day with the kids. Today, Maya and I learned one new Korean word - annyong hashimnikka. It means good morning. Maya was saying it all day and she picked it up really fast. Maybe that will be one of our purposes each day - learn a new Korean word everyday.

It is a start.

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