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Are you sure you're only five??

The kids in Maya's class are assigned different days as their Show-and-Tell days. Maya's turn is Wednesdays. This week's theme was favorite pets and they were asked to bring in their favorite pet (not real). Maya took in two since she couldn't decide: a cat and a lizard (what is it with my kids and lizards?!). After she got home today, she said excitedly to me, "All the boys LOVED my lizard!"

Uh oh. Warning bells in my head started going off.

"Oh?" I said. "Only the boys?"

"Yeah, they all went "WHOA!" when I showed it to the class!"

"That's cool!" I said and let it go at that. I should have asked her what the girls thought, but it obviously wasn't as important as what the BOYS thought.

Now, these are the same boys who sometimes make Maya cry. Like the other day, when she said that one of the boys was calling her "baby" and saying her name in a baby voice on the busride home. She was almost in tears until I pointed out that SHE wasn't the one talking in a baby voice. She got this "OH YEAH!" look on her face and said, "That means HE'S the baby, not me!!" "That's right, Maya, you tell him that next time, ok?" "OK!"

But then the next day, she tells me that this same kid kissed her on the cheek and they've decided to marry. WTF?! And when I said in an incredulous voice, "But you always tell me that he's mean to you and that you don't like him and that you fight?!", my amazingly-observant daughter said, "But married people can fight and still be married, Mom!"

Well, duh!
Tags: funny kid stories, kindergarten, maya, mommy moments, raising children
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