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“Mommy: Hey Nadia, can you tell me a story?

Nadia: Yeah.

Mommy: Ok. Tell me a story.

Nadia: Ok. One upom a tine there a wittle name...

Mommy: What?

Nadia: ...Maya...

Mommy: Uh huh...

Nadia: He so tired and not go bed the end!

Mommy: Ok, how about a story about jumping?

Nadia: OK!

Mommy: Ok.

Nadia: One upom a tine there a wittle name bumping he so tired he not go bed the end.

Mommy: What about a story about your patato (pacifier)?

Nadia: My patato...

Mommy: Yeah.

Nadia: gets away. The end.

Mommy: What?

Nadia: My patato get away!

Mommy: Get away?

Nadia: Yeah.

Mommy: Oh, and that's it?

Nadia: Yeah.

Mommy: Ok. The End. Say Buh-bye!

Nadia: Buh-bye!”

Transcribed by: priyabradfield
Tags: nadia, voiceposts
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