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Voice Post: I think she's getting addicted to voiceposting
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From: (Anonymous) Date: January 24th, 2006 04:48 pm (UTC) (Link)

from nellmorningstar

Priya, I tried to comment on the embodiment site, but couldn't get it to take my Lj sign in , something to do with my browser/computer combination. But here is my response, hope it helps you:
I talk to them about respecting privacy, I give them their own notebooks, and (the hardest part at times) I didn't read their journals. This was difficult at times when I KNEW they were not sharing everything with me (those tough teen aged years). I also tend to keep my notebook with me, or in my purse/bookbag at all times. I have keeping a notebook since I was 10, so they witnessed me using my notebooks all through their childhoods, beginning before they could read, or read cursive. There was a short period in my 20's when I lived with a lot of roommates, and felt more need for privacy, I developed a code to write in, and never kept the 'key' for decoding it with my notebook. I used it so much at one time I could read and write in it fluently. The other thing that may have saved me at times is that my handwriting is not easy to read for most people, and I've intentionally exaggerated that when I was writing about things that made me feel more vulnerable. As I've aged (one good thing about getting into my late 40's!), I feel justified in having my feelings, I try to write the truth, and if I'm blowing off steam or whining, I usually note that in the entry, or later. My journal tends to be more about observations/memories and working through my thoughts about various aspects of my life. Good luck finding something that works for you. nellmorningstar@yahoo.com
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