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Pictures of Maya's kite!

Remember when I talked about Maya's kite? Well, I finally got it back from the art school.

Maya and her kite Maya and her kite

Maya's kite Maya's kite

Maya made this kite in her art class. It took her 3 classes to finish it. She put a lot of work into it.
Close up of the unicorn's head Close up of the unicorn's head

Maya loves unicorns. Reminds me of when I was a little girl. :-) Notice the glitter paper she cut out for the mane? It's the little details...
Close up of the world below the unicorn Close up of the world below the unicorn

I am so impressed with her perspecitve in this picture. The world below the unicorn is perfectly relative to the flying unicorn.

It is so pretty, I don't want her to fly it. I want to laminate it and hang it up somewhere instead. Maybe she'll let me do that if I tell her that it will get ruined by flying it. *evil grin* Maybe I can bribe her with a store-bought kite.

I know, I know...she is looking forward to a warm Spring day so she can fly it with us. *sigh*

Can laminated kites fly?
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