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I went to Costco!

I decided today that I couldn’t wait for anyone else to take me to Costco. I had to get some food and supplies for the house, and our weekends don’t seem to be the time to get someone to take me. It wasn’t that far to Costco, about 10 minutes by taxi, and I had a map. So, after Nadia woke up from her nap around 3pm, we headed out the door. I made sure to grab a receipt from Costco, which turned out to be very helpful. The taxi driver didn’t know where it was, so I showed him the receipt which had Costco’s name and address in Korean. Smart, huh? LOL I was very proud of myself for thinking of that. We got there with no problems and it cost me about $3. Not bad.

So we were at Costco from about 3:30pm to about 5:30pm. I went there with the intention of buying spaghetti and sauce for dinner. I thought that would be a good surprise for Chris to come home to a home-cooked spaghetti dinner. The girls and I roamed around Costco for a while, just checked everything out. Especially the samples. I enjoyed the wine samples! LOL What was funny was that Maya wanted to try some and the sample lady was trying to give it to her! Other kids were taking it and trying it, but I wasn’t ready to let Maya try wine. She probably wouldn’t have liked it anyway, but it wasn’t a chance I was willing to take at this point. Last thing I needed was to get Maya tipsy at Costco by myself. Can you imagine?

Of course, Nadia was enjoying the samples too. There were samples of beef cooked in some yummy spices. One sample was spicy and one wasn’t. Nadia and Maya really like the non-spicy one, of course. Then there were samples of Juicy Juice. I think we overstayed our welcome at that sample table! Then was a sample of dried and salted nuts, seaweed and mushrooms. All of us really enjoyed that! I would have bought some too, but it was pretty expensive. Maya couldn’t believe it when I told her it was seaweed – she usually avoids anything green like that in her noodle soups. She said, “Hmmm, I guess I like it!” LOL Let’s see, what else was there…oh yes. There were handmade dumpling (gyoza) samples. Yum! Another one that all of us enjoyed. Then we tried the rice with herbs, which was good too. But, surprisingly, rice is so expensive here! A bag of rice that would normally cost $10 at Costco at home costs about $25 at Costco here!! You would think that rice would be inexpensive in an Asian country, but because it is heavily consumed but not produced here, it is really expensive. Anyway, our last sample was of Snickers and Kit Kat chocolate bars! Pretty good afternoon at Costco, I’d say!

I couldn’t find any spaghetti, even though they had spaghetti sauce. They had buckwheat pasta, which I could have gotten, but didn’t want such a huge package of it. The only other kinds of noodles they had were oriental noodles, like ramen and rice and egg noodles. Not what we’d want with spaghetti sauce. Oh well. Now I had to find something else for dinner. They had the rotisserie chicken, like they have at Costco in the US. YAY! I picked that up for dinner, with some bread sticks. Also got some macaroni and cheese, a 12 pack. I had to think about that purchase since I had to carry it home in a taxi with the two kids! I thought it was bad enough to go to Costco with my VW Beetle back home, but this was ridiculous. Oh well, I got the macaroni anyway. The kids were really excited about that purchase. I also got some snack chips, some breakfast rolls (which were really yummy), some baby carrots and grape tomatoes.

Paid for all of it and then packed it up in my bags. Oh, that’s another thing here: you get charged if the store has to provide you with grocery bags. Not at Costco, since they don’t have bags anyway, but other stores will charge you for the bags. Like $0.10 a bag or so. They do it in an effort to encourage recycling and/or using tote bags. So, I’ve gotten in the habit of carrying plastic grocery bags with me at all times, just in case.

Anyway, got it all packed up. I gave Maya a light one (with just the bread sticks and the breakfast rolls), grabbed Nadia’s hand and headed outside to hail another taxi. Got the taxi, put the kids in the car, put the groceries in the trunk and got inside myself. Maya is getting used to helping me with Nadia in the taxis. No car seats here, you know. We close to the corner near our place, so I told the driver to just stop at the corner. Chris had called me at 5:30pm, just as I was about to leave Costco. He was surprised to hear that I had gone there, but proud of me too. Anyway, I had told him to meet me at the corner and he was there when the taxi dropped me off. Here’s something funny though: I opened the trunk to get my groceries to find grape tomatoes everywhere! ARGH! The plastic container had popped open. I grabbed all the tomatoes and just dumped them into my plastic bag. I had to get them all, I didn’t want the driver to find a moldy tomato in there months from now! Thankfully, the traffic light was a long one, so I had time to do that. After the taxi left, I sat the girls down on the sidewalk while I put all the tomatoes back in the container. Thankfully, only a couple got squished and I popped those in my mouth! LOL

Got home, unpacked our goodies and then ate our rotisserie chicken. Another hurdle jumped for me!
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