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Really? After a year, I still don't get it.
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From: gabbytheguy Date: January 13th, 2006 07:39 am (UTC) (Link)
I meant to comment on this yesterday! Sorry its taken so bloody long!

It's been interesting reading your blog over the time I've known you and seeing how you are taking steps to immerse yourself in the Korean way of life. It must be a daunting task and I don't envy you that. The only thing I can liken it to is when I went on a German school exchange and my German was virtually non-existent. But everyone spoke English so it wasn't a huge not really a good example! :-P

It sounds like you had a pretty nice life back in the USA, but I also get the impression everyone over there is still supporting you even if it is from afar, which is really wonderful.

I have to admit a slight pang of jealousy for you with moving to a new and exciting country too although I think I would think twice about actually moving my entire family. It was obviously a VERY big opportunity for Chris, and I am sure he didn't make the decision lightly even if he didn't consult you first! Slap on wrist for that one Chris! ;-D

Even so, you're gradually finding your feet, the kids seem happy and hopefully thats going to be rubbing off on you too. It's a marvellous opportunity for them and they are going to need you for support if and when they need it. It's important I think that you therefore make the best effort you can to continue soaking up the Korean way of life for their benefit.

You are strong I'm sure!
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