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An afternoon of giants and wooden horses and lotus-eaters

Please, please don't tell me that I forgot the full set of Little House on the Prairie books back in Los Angeles!


I wanted to start reading those to Maya today. I searched all over the place for them...I could have sworn I brought them with us. Crap.

So, instead, we started reading The One-Eyed Giant by Mary Pope Osborne.

She is also the author of the Magic Tree House series of books, which Maya adores. Maya enjoyed The One-Eyed Giant as well - we haven't finished it though. But she totally got into the Trojan Horse story and the bit about the One-Eyed Giant (Polyphemus the Cyclops). Very simplified version of the actual stories from The Odyssey, but perfect for an afternoon of reading with a 5-year-old.

eleme, you might want to check out The Tales from The Odyssey series and the Magic Tree House series by Osborne. They say that the reading level is ages 9-12, but I think that it is probably lower than that, slightly. They aren't classics, but we've been enjoying them in our house. :-)

But I was really in the mood for Little House on the Prairie...
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