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Those of you not interested in football, you can just skip this entry. *grin*

This was the latest BCS rankings, released on January 9th, 2006. Interesting. We were ranked #1 in the Harris poll, which is what I think caused this ranking as well. But it is weird...although the AP poll has us #2. Where's all the media hype and outcry about this? I didn't see any...does that mean that everyone finally gave up on the BCS system and is just happy that the Rose Bowl was an amazing game to watch (whatever side you were on)?

On other football news, OMG, I'm SO shocked that Vince Young decided to go pro despite his continued BS about staying and completing his degree and all that. *eyeroll* What I do find funny is how many UT fans are actually shocked. Uh, duh people! Hello, why would he stay?? The only thing he didn't get was the Heisman and it was balanced out by the National Championship. These people are crying a river that he's leaving and all is lost for UT football now.



"While much is made of the end of USC's 34-game winning streak, it is also important to note that the Trojans' loss was their first defeat in regulation since losing to Kansas State 27-20 on Sept. 21, '02, a string of 49 games. (Their two losses in between to Washington State and Cal both came in overtime.)"
(quoted from SI Online )


My post-football-season slump isn't so bad this year. Probably cause I didn't really even watch that much football this season or because I wasn't surrounded by the coverage. I suppose that's another plus for living here. LOL
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