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Quick post about some cool Christmas presents

Ok, I've been meaning to share some of the cooler gifts we got. Finally uploaded the pics, so here they are!

  • A six-pack of SanPellegrinos from my MOMS Club friends! I LOVE these drinks.

  • Two "My Little Ponies" from Maya's playgroup friends back in North Hollywood (one for each girl).

  • A green poodle necklace for Maya from Santa (made more special by the fact that she had specifically asked for this in her letter)

  • A jar of mayonnaise from our playgroup friends back home (you saw the picture of Chris holding it already)

  • Emoticon stamps for Mommy from Nadia. I think that Chris helped her pick them out for me. ;-) I'm SO using these in my embodiment journal!!

  • A "green boy" (Legend of Zelda) phone jangle for Chris from Maya.

  • The camera from Maya's grandparents that caused the Great SD Card Mix-up of 2005!

  • Soaps in the shape of gold, pink and green shells, GoPets style, from wombatgirl!

Some cool and FUN things. :-)
Tags: pictures, traditions, xmas
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