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Sunday, April 3, 2005

Didn't do much today, much to my chagrin. Once again, some work crisis called on Chris and this time he had to actually go into the office. *sigh* Seems that a cleaning lady at the office felt that she needed to turn off the power to mop the floors, and didn't bother to turn the power back on! So he had to go and see why the servers weren't working. BAH! He took Maya with him so I was able to get some things done around here.

We lounged around after he and Maya got back. That afternoon, Erik and Kai-wen (and Kyle and Kai-wen's mother) came over to hang out and play some board games, since we didn't get a chance to do that yesterday. We played while the kids watched tv and played (and fought and etc). After a game, I wanted to go out - I am tired of being at home and I can do that during the week! But Erik and Chris were tired and didn't feel like going out - they had a rough week at work and just want a break. BAH again! What about me? I'm the one in a foreign country, without any good friends and without any real working knowledge of the language. Plus, I'm the one taking care of two kids in this situation. I was getting pretty upset but didn't really want to ruin the day, so I agreed to play more. Actually, everyone knew how upset I was (I could never keep my feelings hidden). Erik suggested at one point that he and Chris take Kyle with them to the sauna. I snapped at Chris, "If you're going to the sauna without me, you'd might as well be at work!" I know, he didn't suggest it and he wouldn't have done it because he wants to spend the time with us too, but I couldn't help it. (Later Chris asked me not to get mad at him for what Erik says - I know, I know).

We played more, then went out to a Chinese restaurant down the street from us. It was pretty good, actually! And the prices were reasonable, even though the place looked all foofy (is that how you spell that?). Had some good food, and started to walk back. Erik, Kai-wen and family (with Maya) walked on ahead, while Nadia, Chris and I got accosted by some teenage girls. Actually, Nadia got accosted, Chris and I were just along for the ride!

Mobbed (again) by some teenage girls!

They held us up for about 20 minutes! They were very sweet though, trying to speak in English with us. The one who is holding Nadia in the picture gave me her email address so I could email the picture to her. Her name is Hwang Young Shim.

That night, I had another fit of crying about my situation. I felt like no one really understood what I was going through, but I know that's not true. Talk about mood swings...I want them to stop just as much as Chris does. I don't want to burden him with my discontent, and I try so hard to hide it, but I just can't. I know I've got to support him in this venture, but at the same time I have this voice in the back of my head saying, it a very whiny voice, "What about me??"
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