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So, I want to achieve some goals. Like organizing and cleaning up my scrap room and my office. Getting some scrapping done. Posting some of my work. Getting some icky stuff done, like gathering reciepts for Chris' expenses, our taxes, organizing our finanaces. ICK. Doing some reading and writing. Replying to emails, writing letters, sending out stuff. Gathering things for Chris to take to the US, ordering things for him to bring back.

But instead, I'm online chatting and surfing and reading LJ. :-D

I need motivation and direction. Ok, so maybe I should put this into a list form (icky stuff first):

  1. gathering reciepts for Chris' expenses

  2. our taxes

  3. get a 2005 wrap up from GP

  4. organize scrap room

  5. clean office

  6. get baby clothes together for Preeti (my sister)

  7. order photo prints

  8. finish up "favorite things" circle journal

I think that's it. Now I need to break these down into mini-goals.

Geez, I already have a headache...
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