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New community!

Ok, some of you need to get yourselves over to embodiment.

threeparts posted about it on her blog, I saw it and joined up. Then I thought a few of you, like sammykate, wendy_in_md, damita98, meadowflower and kaffy would possibly would be interested.

The goal of this community is this (copied from the community's user info page):

"To write in a paper diary/journal every day in 2006, beginning Jan. 1st. Entries may be as short as a word or a sentence, or as long as several pages. Visual journal entries are also encouraged, including sketches, collages, or photography. Missing a day is not failure... simply go back, and add an entry based on memory for that day. Back-tracking is better than skipping, and it will keep you motivated to continue with the project."

I like the sound of just a sentence to sum up each day. I could do that! I think...

If you are interested in joining up, hurry! Apparently they will close the community on January 1st. Go HERE to join up.

And post here if you decide to join up so we can support each other!
Tags: embodiment, journaling, livejournal, lj
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