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Homemade ornaments

On Monday, since Maya was at home because of her fever, I decided to keep her and Nadia occupied by doing some crafts. Our tree only has generic ball ornaments on it, so Chris and I thought some homemade ornaments by the girls would personalize the tree a bit.

I have some die cuts of Santa's head and stars, so I used my Sizzix machine to make those shapes for the girls to use. I'm getting more use out of my Sizzix machine here than I did in the US! Anyway, I let the girls choose their colors and die cut the shapes for them. Then I let them raid my craft supplies. I was surprised that they both passed up on the opportunity to use my glitter, but they had a ball with all my jewel shapes and puffy stickers. LOL Here's what they made:

Maya's ornaments Maya's ornaments
Nadia's ornaments Nadia's ornaments

Nadia is simple but methodical in her designs. Maya is methodical too, but she likes to fill up as much space as possible. Nadia doesn't mind the white space so much. She's understated, but purposeful in her placement of her decorations. Oh, and Maya's ornaments were two-sided (I didn't take pics of the other sides) but Nadia refused to even touch the other side of her ornaments! LOL

Maya wants to make more decorations. Perhaps tomorrow since she's staying home from school again.
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