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Parent-Teacher Conference

We just got back from having a PTC with Maya's teacher. It's all good, so I wasn't worried. Some things she said about Maya:

1. She's a smart girl, but needs confidence in her abilities.

2. She is a very good listener (of course she is! She saves it all up for school!).

3. She pays close attention to details and is meticulous.

4. But, she is a little slow at doing her work as a result of her close attention to details.

5. She is hesitant at new things because she wants to things correctly from the get-go.

6. She is very social, but a little sensitive to things. For instance, at recess, all the girls will be playing at something and then suddenly decide to go do something else. They just run to the new thing, sometimes not telling all of the group what's going on. Maya will think they are leaving her. :-( About this, I am a little worried about it because EVERYONE in her class was at this school last year. Maya is the ONLY new student in the class. But overall, her teacher said that she is fitting in just fine.

7. She is very, very strong in her writing and reading. And she is right on par with her numbers and math. I expect as much, because I worked with her more on letters, writing and reading. I hardly worked with her on math. But it is good to know that she is at the same level in that area as everyone else.

8. She is very polite to everyone in class. And she expects everyone else to be that way to her.

Boy, she sounds a lot like me. Poor girl - I hope she evens out a bit!! I would like her to not be so sensitive. I want her to not feel a huge need to fit in and I want her to be stronger in her personality and more confident in herself. Both Chris and I need to work on not being so hard on her. We both, especially I, need to be more patient.

And I have to tell her that I'm proud of her more often. I think I'll go and do that right now, in fact.
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