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A good weekend...

I'm actually about to go to bed (at least in theory) but I wanted to just say that its been a pretty good weekend. I didn't get much done around the house, but that's ok. We went out on Saturday for lunch and did a bit of shopping around our own complex. Then we came home, dropped off our packages, and headed over to Paul and Kelly's new house. Too bad it took us two modes of transportation (subway and car) and two hours to get there! Had a nice time down there with them and Erik's family. By the time we got home though, it was almost 11pm. And it was snowing steadily!! Maya was falling asleep on the subway on the way home, but when we got out of the taxi at our apartment and she saw the snow on the ground (which probably a couple of inches deep!) she woke up enough to go jumping around in it.

This morning (Sunday), we had sort of a leisurely morning. Got up, had some breakfast, got dressed and went outside for a romp through the first snow fall. I think I was more excited then the girls were! And more willing to stay out there and play too. They got cold really fast, especially after trying to pick up the snow a few times. Nadia kept pulling her mittens off and then screaming when her hands got really cold. And when we came back in, Maya started to shriek about her "burning" hands. Gawd.

We spent the mid afternoon at home, having lunch and lounging around. After unsuccessfully trying to get Nadia to take a nap, we headed out about 3pm to Seoul Express Bus Terminal stop on the subway. I was told that the shopping around there was really good. And wow, it was. There is this underground shopping complex and it was packed! Unfortunately, some woman paid a little too much attention to Nadia and after that, she was just not the same. Every little thing set her off in either a rage or a crying tantrum. I did manage to find myself a really nice coat and the girls winter hats which also covered their ears, another pair of mittens for Nadia and a scarf for Maya. From the feel of things, they are going to need them! Had dinner there and headed home. The girls were in bed by 8:30pm.

Well, I'll upload pics and share tomorrow. I'm going to go and get to bed. The weekend is already over and a new week is here. I hope it will be better for me than last week was. :-)
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