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Holiday cards?

ACK! By now in the US, I'd have had the cards ordered and probably in my hands. I'm never actually good at getting them out early, but usually by the week before Christmas, they'd be out the door. This year though, I am wondering what to do. I'm not sure how much a card to the US (and elsewhere) would cost, but I know it isn't that cheap. And I usually send out about 40 cards, this year it would be more like 60 or 75! ACK! I suppose I should figure it out soon.

Past holiday cards I've done:

Usually two photo sessions of me taking about 50 or 75 pictures each time to get one or two that I really like. Man, trying to get TWO kids to cooperate and smile and look at the camera is no picnic! But I am proud to say that I took those pictures. Me. Myself. In the front yard of our house in Los Angeles.

I love doing these...I am so proud every year to send these cards out.
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