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Amazing, but sick, Nadia

We've been home all weekend long. Except for a brief visit to the ER.

Friday night/Saturday morning, we kept hearing Nadia do this awful wet coughing. But each time, she'd do it for a few minutes and then we'd hear her settle back down. So, we didn't actually go in and check on her because we figured that would just wake her up all the way. So, we'd stand outside the girls' door and listen to make sure she was ok. Well, around 2am, Nadia start crying. And Chris went in there to check on her. He then called me and lo and behold, Nadia had during one of her coughing fits thrown up all over the place and then slept in it. UGH

Ok, those of you without children are probably wondering what kind of parents couldn't hear their own child throwing up in the middle of the night. Well, believe me, I feel guilty enough as it is! All we heard was coughing, that's it. *sigh*

So, I take care of cleaning up Nadia while Chris takes care of trying to clean up Nadia's crib. Poor baby was still partly asleep as I strip her and gave her a quick shower. It was all in her hair and clothes and had started to congeal. Lovely. Maya was awake by this time as well. She stood in the bathroom watching me wash Nadia up. The room stunk so bad (they sleep with the door closed, so the smell of vomit was quite strong) that Chris had sent Maya into our room to wait while he cleaned up the mess.

Nadia was quite the trooper, standing in the tub while I showered her down, washed her hair and tried to make sure all that gunk had washed out. She normally hates having her hair washed, but I guess she was too tired and sleepy to really protest this time. Got her bundled up in a towel and took her to our bed, where Maya was laying waiting for us. Chris managed to clean up mostly everything (by really just dumping the icky sheets and pillows and stuffed animals in the other bathroom's tub), but the pad for the crib was wet now and couldn't be used. He got Nadia dressed while I opened up the window in their room and lit some incense under the fan to try to blow out the bad smells with some nice ones.

After the stink had disappated and was replaced with peppermint incense, Maya went back to bed. But Nadia had to sleep with us since her crib was unusable. The rest of the night was quite restless for all three of us, as neither of us were used to sleeping with Nadia and Nadia isn't used to sleeping with me at night. Plus, everytime she started coughing I was worried that she was going to throw up on me.

Well, Saturday morning came and Nadia wasn't throwing up, but she had no appetite for the whole day. She had a slight fever, about 100F, for most of the day. She was very lethargic and slept from noon to 2pm and then from 3pm to about 4pm. That's when we decided to take her to the doctor. There is an international clinic near our place, so we decided to get her checked up there. The coughing was still bad, no appetite, the fever and the low-energy levels made me not want to wait it out over the rest of the weekend.

Well, turns out the international clinic was closed, so we headed over to the ER which was next door. This was the same ER we took Nadia too back in July. They checked her out and said that she had a throat infection and was mildly dehydrated. So, the doctor ordered an IV fluid drip. I felt like we were sort of rushed into that, but I would have rather do that than let Nadia get more dehydrated over the rest of the weekend. So, we got the IV.

We got Maya settled in the waiting chairs with some oranges, which she was very happy about. I was too because watching Nadia get a needle put in would have brought Maya to tears. She hates them so much that she hates seeing others get shots or blood drawn. She cried when she saw my IV when I was in the hospital to have Nadia and she was almost hysterical when Chris and I had to have blood drawn. So, while she sat in the other room, watched by the nurses at the nurses' station, Chris and I got Nadia settled in. She watched while the nurse put the IV needle into the back of her hand. OUCH! I hate it when they put it there, but I guess that's standard procedure here. Anyway, what was amazing was the reaction that Nadia had. She whimpered a tiny bit, said, "OWWW!" when the needle went in, and that was it.

Seriously, no tears. No screaming. No nothing.

MY little girl kept me strong! I probably would have cried a bit if she had put up a fit or had a screaming tantrum or anything. But I didn't lose it because she was strong. She was calm. She was even fascinated. While we were waiting for the fluids to drip into her, she looked up at the bag and said, "Ooo bubbles!" at the tiny bubbles inside the bag. I showed her that the "medicine" goes from the bag through the long tube and into her hand and then through her body to help her feel better. She then would periodically point at it and say, "medicine go down and down and down..." following the tube with her pointer finger. She was truly interested in it!

The waiting process took about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. Probably the last half hour, Nadia started to get restless and wanted to roll over and sleep, but the IV in her hand made it hard for her to get comfortable. In the meantime, Chris went to pay our bill and get Nadia's medicine for her throat infection and a couch medication. Everything - the ER visit, the IV, the two medications - totalled about $36.

Finally, the fluids were in and the nurse came to remove the IV. She could have been a little gentler with my baby, the woman was definitely NOT a pediatric nurse. She pulled the tapes off Nadia's hand - only then did Nadia cry. I mean, sheesh, the nurse pulled off something like 5 pieces of tape and then yanked the needle out. I was about to clobber the woman and then shove the needle into her! After everything else, this woman makes getting the IV OUT painful for Nadia.

All this caused me to wonder about Nadia's past life (I believe in reincarnation). What happened before that may have caused her to not fear doctors, hospitals and needles? To not react to the pain as probably 99% of children her age would?

Everything was finally out, and we left. Grabbed some take out from a restaurant across the street from the hospital, and got a taxi home. Ate dinner at home and got the girls into bed. Nadia had a relatively uneventful night. Mostly slept the night, but was up early this morning. She seemed to be better. Took about an hour and a half nap at about 10am. The rest of the day was just us sitting at home. Doing more art, reading books, watching tv, wiping Nadia's nose. She also took another nap in the afternoon on me while I caught up with the last two episodes of Desperate Housewives. Even still, she was extremely tired at the end of the day. Not even enough energy to eat a full dinner. But she's been keeping everything down, so that's a good sign.

I need a weekend to recover from our weekend. :-(
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