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Last night at dinner, Maya leaned over and asked me when we're going back to California. !! I asked her why she wanted to go back and she said, "I miss my preschool and all my friends. And I think they miss me too."

Yes, baby, I'm pretty sure they miss you. Who wouldn't?


I was watching Oprah earlier today (on AFN) and the topic was things that kids do that are dangerous. Things like street racing. One thing was the choking game. WTF? Apparently, kids choke themselves to pass out momentarily so they can feel the high of coming back to. Where do kids get these ideas?? Some of them wrap something around their necks to choke themselves since they aren't strong enough to use their bare hands. One of the parents on the show who lost his son to this "game" said that the last thing he said to his son, who was going over to his friend's house, was "Have a good time. See you later." He said that he always took that for granted, that he would see his son later.

I swear, I had a bit of a panic attack. I said something to that effect to Maya this morning when she left for school. I had fight the urge to call the school to make sure she was ok. I held on to Nadia just a bit tighter while I was nursing her...

I'm glad I'm leaving in a 1/2 hour to pick her up at school and that she won't be riding the bus home.
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