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We met fu_shu_jing today! Oh, and I had a Korean guy make eyes at me and Nadia.

Chris and I met up with fu_shu_jing today! Ok, I'll be totally honest, I'm not holding back on my impression of her.

Be warned.

She's so totally...CUTE!

She seemed kind of shy at the beginning though, and that surprised me a bit. I mean, she's so open on your LJ. Maybe it was cause she is jetlagged. LOL I know, our online personas are probably different from our real life ones, but I think I'm pretty much the same online as I am in real life. Either way, I have a lot to say! :-p

Anyway, so we (Chris, me and Nadia - Maya was at school) met up at the subway stop near our apartment. She did come right up to us (like we're so hard to find in a sea of Koreans!). I gave her a hug, I couldn't help it. lol So, we got on the next train and headed to GoPets HQ. We stopped at Starbucks (Chris' request) and then got into the office. I think that it was a bit underwhelming for her. LOL It was still early in the day, people at the offices usually work late into the evenings, so they sort of straggle in in the mornings. Even so, it hardly seems like a bustling game company! Anyway, Chris gave her the tour, introduced her to Erik and others and then gave her a sneak peek into coming attractions. Plus, she got some stuff (a plush she didn't have, some GP sticky notes, scratch off cards and pencils)...she is, after all, the first ever active forum user (Kino) to visit the offices! And while it isn't true, I felt like she came to Seoul just to see us. Here are a couple of shots I got at the office:

She's so CUTE!

Giving her a sneak preview!

After that, we left Chris and the offices to head over to Coex Mall. It is something to see and it is close to the offices. We took a taxi there and talked on the way. We got there, walked around a bit. I made sure to take her to AniLand.

Walked around a bit, but she didn't buy anything! LOL I'd have been all over everything in that store. I did manage to limit myself to one Mini Plant (see previous post).

After that, we went to the food court and had lunch. She had Korean food (noodles and kimchi rice, I think) while Nadia and I hit Sbarro. I've been having a craving for pizza lately, so I took advantage. We talked more over lunch, it was fun. About 1:30pm, I had to leave in order to meet Maya at the bus stop after school. Turns out, I barely made it to her bus stop at 2:30pm to meet her! Sheesh. But on the subway, we had a very nice encounter with an older gentleman, who I caught in a quiet moment:

He was entralled with Nadia and happened to be going our way on the subway, transfers and all. He spoke really good English, surprising for someone of his age (which I'm guessing to be about 70 or so). He walked with us during the transfers, which we slowed him down because he was a pretty spry guy! On the next train, I tried to get him to take the one seat available and sit next to Nadia, but he would have none of that! He grabbed me by my shoulders, steered me to the seat and pushed me down, "Sit!" He was definitely a sweet, sweet man. Finally, a seat across from us came open and he sat down, next to another spry 70-ish man. That guy elbowed my old guy and laughing pointed at me and teased him. My guy blushed a bit, shook his head and then pointed at Nadia. LOL Guess he was getting teased for hitting up the foreign chick! They proceeded to have a conversation and I was blown away. The second guy, after a while, pulled out the latest cellphone and started to show it off to my guy. So strange to see two senior citizens talking about and ogling the latest cellphone (which was way cool) as if they were teenagers. Never in the US! Just totally cool cats, these two guys were!

Course, when I got a shot of them, they decided to take a bit of a snooze:

Tech-savvy spry gentlemen

It was such a pleasant experience to meet these men.

Well, the rest of my day was recuperating from my outing (mainly recuperating from travelling on the subway with Nadia and barely making it to meet Maya after school!). We're going to meet up with fu_shu_jing tomorrow night at Myeong-dong for Dim Sum. YUM!
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