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The girls have really gotten into drawing and coloring lately. So much so, it is the one thing I can always suggest that they will willingly turn the tv off for! Some recent pieces caught my eye, so I thought I'd share them here. :-)

A Beautiful Garden

A Beautiful Garden

"Once upon a time, there was [sic] three horses. They were in a beautiful garden and it was nighttime and they were going to sleep there. And then they were eating the grass when it was morningtime. Then they saw some flowers and a big tree. THE END."

Maya has really gotten into drawing, making pictures, coloring and story telling. She did this one on November 14, 2005. I just love the story she dictated to me to go along with this picture.

Nadia's Snowman

Nadia's Snowman

Nadia did this drawing while we were waiting for Maya at her art class. Nadia saw some other kids drawing snowmen and drew one too. She did this one on November 15, 2005
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