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OMG, a good post! Of course, it's about the kids.

The seaweed package
The seaweed package

I got these seaweed wraps free with some rice I purchased. I had no idea what to do with them though. Until now - we improvised!

The seaweed wrap
The seaweed wrap

This is what the wrap looked like. There were ten pieces in each package (I had three packages).

Making the Kimbap
Making the Kimbap

Scooping the tuna/rice mixture onto the seaweed. Basically, I mixed tuna with fresh, warm rice. Added some seasoning (tiny bit of red pepper paste and a pinch of salt). I could have done without the salt though since the wraps had it already. Have to remember that next time!

Wrapping it up!
Wrapping it up!

Maya rolled the wrap around the tuna/rice mix. She enjoyed this a lot!

All gone!  That was yummy!
All gone! That was yummy!

I was surprised at how much she liked this. Before, when we've gotten Kimbap, she never really liked the seaweed wrap. But maybe because it is softened up after soaking in whatever it surrounds. This seaweed was still crispy, and I think she liked that.


Eating our version of made-at-home Kimbap! She wants to do this again. She even requested that I pack this for lunch at school. I'm not sure how that will go, so we'll just have to do it again at home soon. :-)

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at Maya trying this and enjoying it - this is the girl who cried because she wanted to try baked eel and we said no at first!

But, Nadia didn't enjoy this at all. She didn't like the seaweed wrap. But she ate the tuna/rice mixture. :-)

EDIT: It was actually grilled eel that Maya wanted to try before:
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