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Yesterday, we went out for dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. We'd been there before, and the food is very good. I usually order the Japanese curry on rice. Last night though I ordered the "curry tonkatsu" which is curry on top of breaded pork with rice on the side. YUMMY! But what was so memorable about our dinner was what Maya insisted on having. We usually get her a bowl of udon noodle soup and she and Nadia share it and pretty much finish the whole thing. But last night, while looking at the menu, Maya pointed at a dish and INSISTED on having that. It was "Unadon" - grilled eel. And we were reluctant to order it because we weren't sure she would actually eat it. But she was adament, even started to cry a little when we said no. So, Chris decided to forego what he actually wanted (which was sushi) and ordered the eel to share with Maya. One of our dishes came with some noodles, so there was a back up for the girls.

Well, they both devoured the eel! Of course, I wasn't surprised that Nadia ate it, but Maya really enjoyed it and the rice that came with it (plain rice with a little of the grilling sauce mixed in). And I have to admit, grilled eel is good! It is very tender and the sauce on top, which I think is "soya" sauce, was yummy too. I finished my "curry tonkatsu" (Nadia helped), Chris and I finished the plate of sushi that we also ordered, and the bowl of "unadon" on rice was completely emptied by all of us!

Oh and the week that we got here, we were at a noodle restaurant and in Maya's bowl of noodle soup, there was some squid. She tried it willingly. She picked it up with her fork and said, "what is this?" and Chris told her and then she said, "Oh, ok" and popped it into her mouth! She sat there for a minute chewing and then announced, "I like squid!" LOL

My children always have had issues with sleeping (like, they don't want to even when they are dead tired), but thank goodness that they are adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. We have always told Maya that she needs to eat at least two bites of a new food before she can tell us that she doesn't like it and we will totally listen to her then and not make her eat anymore of it. Well, it seems like it paid off!

I am so proud of Maya.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: March 24th, 2005 06:37 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hooray for Maya!

That is so neat that Maya is such an adventurous eater! My sister made up "Try It" day (every Wednesday) to try to entice Rachael (who's 8) to eat some different foods. Megan eats everything (she's one) and Sam (9 as of today) is pretty good with nearly any kind of dish.

It's always an adventure, eh?

From: (Anonymous) Date: March 25th, 2005 04:36 am (UTC) (Link)


I had to post a comment here - so curry tonkatsu is my all-time favorite Japanese "comfort food", and Nicki is CRAZY about eel and devours as much as she can get her hands on whenever we're at a Japanese place. Oh, and she wants udon on a daily basis for lunch! Whenever I ask Nicki what she wants at a food court, the answer is the same every time - udon and gyoza. Although lately she keeps trying to take my spicy tuna roll...

I am very impressed with Maya's open-mindedness about trying new foods. Squid and eel are pretty adventurous, even for adults. Go Maya!!!

-- Sun
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