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What a week!

This week has been crappy for me. Too much emotional stuff and Chris isn't here. He's in Japan on a business trip. He left Monday morning around 6am. Ick. My days go by fast, since he's not usually around for them anyway. But my evenings sort of drag. But for the most part, I'm on the phone with him for most of the evenings (we talk through Skype, which is free computer-to-computer anywhere in the world). So that is good, but it makes me miss him all the more.

Its funny...even though we've been married for 11 years and together for...let me count...13 years, I still am learning things about him. His likes and dislikes, his views on various matters. Some people would say what is there to learn after being together for so long? But, I am happy that we are still having some amazing discussions. It shows me that he is a deep person. That he is a person with lots of layers and that I'm still learning things about him and that there is so much more to love. I love the fact that when he sends me an email or IM's me, I still get a little thrill at seeing it.

Ours is such a rare and wonderful love. I must have done something right in a previous life to have this man in my life. And to think that we started out as just a one-night-stand! LOL

Life is good...
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