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It went well!

YAY! Just finished my first ESL class and it well really well. The woman said that she really appreciated my time and attention. I had to lower my fee for her to $20 an hour. Her husband's company isn't doing so well and she might have to get a job herself. I told her that I can lower my fee for a short time, but can't afford only $20 an hour for the long haul. I have to print out all these lessons and that uses up my paper and ink. But, she did say that she would help me with my Korean, so that's something. Well, we'll see how long we can go for at that rate.

Anyway, the lesson went really well. I know now what to concentrate more on for her. She want more conversational practice. Today we did some business telephone roleplaying. She was a secretary at a company and I roleplayed different clients calling to leave messages. At first I was talking slowly, but then I realized that's not realistic. LOL So, I sat behind her (so she couldn't see my mouth as I talked) and talked at a little-faster-than-normal pace for her. That stressed her out. LOL But she was happy about the realistic practice.

She also talked to me about adding more time. So, now my schedule with her is:
Mondays - 10am to 11am
Wednesdays - 2pm to 4pm
Fridays - 10am to 11am.

I may have lowered my fees, temporarily, but I have more hours.

So much for free time!
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