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At the river...

I decided to take the girls out today. No more sitting in our apartment feeling sorry for myself and not daring to go out just because Nadia is a handful! We got ready so that we could leave with Chris at 10am (that's when he heads to work), so that he could help me get the stroller down the stairs. I packed some snacks (I have come to realize that whenever Nadia gets the slightest bit cranky, she needs some food!) and we walked with Chris until the main corner. There we parted ways with Daddy. As he walked to work, we walked across the street and to the stream by our house. It is actually bigger than a stream, but smaller than a river, I suppose. It is called Yangjaech'on. It is an offshoot of the Han-gung, the main river that cuts Seoul in half.

We walked a ways on the top portion of the trail that goes next to the river until we found a ramp that bicyclists use to go down to the paths right next to the river. The weather is getting warmer, so it wasn't bitterly cold like it has been since we got here. We all still wore our thickest coats, but it wasn't unbearable for us Californians. So, we got down by the river and I let Nadia get out of the stroller to walk and run with Maya. She would run around for a little bit and then want back in the stroller for a little bit. That was fine with me. I know she is tired when she wants into the stroller!

Every few hundred feet, there were big stones that people could use to walk across the stream. Of course, with the stroller, we couldn't do that at all. But I did get the kids out there into the middle of the stream at one point without the stroller. They loved it. Nadia just loved seeing the water rush by (this was at a point where the water went down a man-made waterfall of sorts).

We continued to walk along the river until we came to a bridge. This was the bridge that the main intersection was (the one where we parted ways with Chris). Under the bridge was a slope of square, uh, for a lack of a better word, rocks. They went all the way up the embankment - perfect for climbing! Maya just went for it and climbed up to the break in the slope. I was a little worried as to how she'd come back down, but my older child surprises me all the time. This time, with no fear, she just figured it out and came back down. I totally envisioned her on a rockwall, climbing it with ease as she did with this rock slope. She did it a few times until Nadia (who was watching from her stroller) wanted to get out and started to do it too! I knew that she wouldn't be able to get back down on her own, not for the lack of trying, so I stopped her partway. She did not like being told no!! (Big surprise) We continued under the bridge to the other side until we found another bike path up to the street levels. It was almost 11am at this time, so we stopped to have our snack. Strawberries must be in season here because they are sold everywhere. We had gotten some at the supermarket near our place, and that is what I had packed for our snack. The girls devoured them. Then we were off again.

We crossed over the bridge and headed down the bike path on the other side of the river from where we were earlier. We walked back under the bridge and found some playground/exercise equipment. There were monkeybars, rings to hand on, balance beams. It really wasn't playground equipment, but the girls had fun on them nevertheless. We spent about a 1/2 hour there. Around 11:45am, I rounded them up and we headed back to meet Chris for lunch. We took our time to walk back and took in all the bustle of the area. We got back to Chris' office and had to wait for him. It was almost 12:45pm when he was finally ready for lunch. We headed to Subway for lunch! Thank goodness for the Subway near us - another reminder of home and a place to get some food that doesn't have kimchi! LOL After lunch, we headed back to the apartment. Chris helped me up the stairs with the kids and the stroller (I need to find a place to get an umbrella stroller). We spent the rest of the day in the apartment. The girls were happy to do that - Nadia took a good nap (about 2 hours, which is amazing for her!) and Maya vegged in front of a movie. I was able to get a break too.

All in all, a great day for us here in Seoul, South Korea!! :-)

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