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Walmart, Korean style!

Saturday night, after Chris was able to get off work, one of his co-workers, a guy named Nate, offered to take us to Walmart. Woo hoo! A trip to Walmart. What is really funny is that in the US, Chris would have been less than enthusiastic about going to Walmart and I wouldn't have wanted to go with him anyway (I feel like he always rushes me when I go shopping). But here we were, excited about a Saturday night trip to Walmart.

To be fair, one of the things we were most excited about was the supermarket part of Walmart. It was like a Walmart Supercenter back in the States. It has a full-sized grocery store on the bottom level of the store. It was great.

We couldn't buy much because we were taking a taxi back home (plus those damn stairs!), but we did buy a few essentials like a bucket for the bathtub (our shower's water pressure stinks, so we have to fill the bucket and take baths Asian style), some butter knives (YAY! I can spread PB & J like normal people now!), a tea kettle, a Clorox ReadyMop, some little baskets to organize our change, keys, things like that. And in the grocery section, we got cereal, snacks and a little bit of hope at being able to buy real food to have at home!

Now to be able to find our way there, shop with two kids, manuever my goods and the two kids into a taxi, direct the taxi back home, and get everything and everyone up the 5 flights of @#$%^&* stairs.

Yeah, right...

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