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Something for me!

I finally got my hair done yesterday. My bangs have been growing out and I didn't want to cut them again. But I had to do something because I hate that in-between stage. So, yesterday morning, Nadia and I went to the hair salon near our apartment. It is the same place I took the girls to a while ago. Nadia got her trim first. She was such a good girl. She sat there like a big girl. She kept looking at herself in the mirror, smiling, and then would say, "I so, so pretty!" The hairstylist would crack up. Here's a pic of her after her cut:
Nadia's haircut - October 6, 2005

After her cut, it was my turn. Since we went around 11am on a Thursday, the place was pretty empty. So the other girls who work there happily watched Nadia and played with her while I got a cut. I closed my eyes, enjoying the peace and quiet and the attention my head was getting. LOL When they washed my hair, I really enjoyed the mini massage I got. Very relaxing.

Anyway, here's a pic of my new 'do:
My new haircut!

I love it! And you know what it cost? The equivalent of $10! Nadia's cost $6. And of course, no tip. A very satisfying morning.
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