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10 things...

I recently saw this question in an email and thought that it would be interesting if I did it here and asked all my readers to do the same in their comments (or on their journal).

What are the 10 things that define your quality of life. What constitutes the life I love? Here goes:

1. Spending time with my husband and children
2. Watching my children learn something new or doing something they really enjoy
3. Not having a lot of debt (this stresses me out to no end)
4. Being healthy
5. Having good friends
6. Traveling and experiencing the world
7. Having a good relationship with my parents and sister (and her family)
8. Having money in savings
9. Having a clean home
10. Feeling fulfilled apart from my family

It is funny how many times I reordered this list. I'm sure that it will get reordered as time passes too. At first, I felt funny about having being out of debt so high on the list. But it is important to my peace of mind. I remember when I would constantly worry about it (I still do, but not as much as before since we consolidated all our debts). It used to eat me up. And that affected everything else. So, it makes sense for me.

It is actually hard to write this kind of list. Makes you think about things. My first go at it, I didn't have #2 there at all. But then I thought about how much joy I got from Maya finally enjoying her soccer class and yes, it is an amazing feeling to see her have fun at something. And Nadia, same thing. A few days ago, I watched her do a puzzle with Chris. When they were finished and she jumped up and said, "YAY! Look, my puzzle!" my heart did a little flip. *mushy mommy moment*

Ok, how about you?
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