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Maya's playdate...

Maya is hosting her first playdate here at our house right now.

She was so excited...she mentioned it at 6am when she woke up! The other two girls rode home with her on the bus. We went to the store on the way home to get some popsicles. Maya was so cute, being a good hostess. "You both are my guests so I'll let you pick your popsicles first!" Then she showed them the way back to our place. In the elevator she said, "Ok, who wants to push the button? We have to go to 17." At one point, they were sitting at the dining table eating their popsicles when Maya said, "I'm so glad to have you at my house!"

They ate their popsicles, then played with My Little Ponies, played with Maya's dollhouse, went up on Maya's loft bed. After one of them fell off the bottom step on the way down, the loft bed was off limits. Then they colored and tried to make Nadia leave them alone (poor baby). Then they did puzzles and now they are making a mess with the legos.

Why do some 5-year-olds have such whiney voices? OMG, I'm not sure if I can handle another hour of this child...! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING she says is whiney! "I wanna play this gaaaammmmeeee!" "I have to go to the baaathrooommm." "When is my Moooommmmmyyyy cooooming?" Not soon enough...

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