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Another useless quiz...

Just did this one:

Which Halloween Monster are you?


Somewhere in your murky past, you were seduced to the dark side. You developed a fondness for velvet and dark fabrics, for long capes and dark red lipstick. You enjoy the evening, the shadow of the night. You tend to be sensual, and whether it's a new conquest or an old flame, a nibble on the neck is quite enticing.

Keep an eye open for the unbelieving, for those who treasure an early sunrise and have a wooden stake or two in their pockets. You never know when those bat-haters will track you down and put an end to your nocturnal pleasures!

Vampires have been in legend since the days of the Romans, but they really took off in popularity with the story Dracula by Bram Stoker, and the movie Nosferatu came out. In the 80s and 90s, the gothic movement really took hold and books, movies and TV shows about vampires abounded. One of the more famous movies was Interview with a Vampire starring Tom Cruise.

Here are some quotes from Interview to get you started:

Armand: They had forgotten the first lesson: that we must be powerful, beautiful, and without regret.

Lestat: Evildoers are easier, and they taste better.

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