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Spring Break 2010

Once again it has been a while since I posted. I've been thinking about it often, but just haven't had the energy to do it. It isn't even not having the time - it really has been not having the energy. Lately, I've been feeling very tired and falling asleep between 10pm and 11pm. That's very early for me - usually I'm up until midnight. I think that part of it is not drinking enough water. And yet, I'm not working at it to fix that. I think about it, I have an alarm on my phone to remind me to drink water, but I'm not doing it. I need some real motivation. You would think that my health and well-being would be motivation enough, but apparently, it's not.

This is not to say that I'm not enjoying my life right now. We had an AMAZING trip to Washington DC for Spring Break. We went with another playgroup family and met up with meowmeowbutt and filled the week up with sightseeing, fun, and wonderful memories. Unfortunately we didn't get to meet up with other friends in the area, hopefully next time. We rented a house about 3 miles from the National Mall with the other family and it was a great way to do this trip. All the kids hung out together, they slept in the basement of this 3 story house. The main level was the living room and kitchen and the top floor had the bedrooms. It was a lot of fun doing it this way and the other family was great to travel with too.

Both Maya and Nadia had their own cameras and between the three of us, we took over 2000 pictures! Ah, the glory of digital cameras. I uploaded just a few of those pictures each day to my Facebook page.

Saturday, March 27th
Sunday, March 28th
Monday, March 29th
Tuesday, March 30th
Wednesday, March 31st
Thursday, April 1st
Friday, April 2nd

Here are just a few of my absolute favorite pictures from the trip:

The girls had a wonderful time and Maya learned a lot from the trip. It was the best combination of a fun and educational trip. Both girls had assignments from school to present to their class about their trip. Nadia had a journal that she wrote in and we printed out pictures to show what we did each day. Maya had to do a PowerPoint presentation about her trip. Her teacher gave her specific instructions, so it wasn't a free-form journal like Nadia's. Both girls did amazing jobs. I'll share those at some point too...both of them have been carrying their projects with them to show off to various friends and to others at school. They are so proud of themselves and I'm thrilled that they have this chance to show off a bit. It is doing wonders for their self-esteem. Plus, they are more likely to remember this trip for a very long time.
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