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The Road

I just finished reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road and wow. What a powerful book. Scary, endearing, and utterly sad. But with hope too. I cried a few times while reading it and it left me...well, I don't know what it left me, actually. I guess confused would be a good word, but that barely scrapes the surface of what I'm feeling. I read it because the trailer of the movie with Viggo Mortensen made me want to see the movie, (I'll be honest - it was mainly Viggo who made me want to see this movie) but Chris said "But you hated No Country for Old Men." And yes, I hated that movie with a passion, but this movie doesn't seem like it is about violence for violence's sake. And so I figured I'd read the book first. And now, I'm scared to see the movie. Not because of the violence, but because of how much I will cry. I know I will. But I'm also scared that the movie won't show the depth of the book - the love, the sadness, the hope. All it will show is the violence because that is what people want to see (at least that's what Hollywood seems to think). I guess though, I did see something in the trailers that moved me enough to go out and get this book and read it. That means something.

I wonder now if there is much in the book No Country for Old Men that was left out of the movie. Maybe, maybe not. I think that the basis of that movie, a drug deal gone bad, doesn't leave much room for decency. And the hitman, the scary creepy one, was an executioner. If you met him, you were meant to die. At least, according to him. Didn't matter if you were a good guy or a bad guy.

I will say that though I hated No Country for Old Men for the themes, I will acknowledge that it was a powerful movie. And whether I hate it or love it, it is the powerful movies that I remember. That's got to count for something.

I wish it wasn't raining today. What a dreary day. I recommend reading The Road but not on a dreary day. Although, it might have made the book even more real. I don't know.
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