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15th wedding anniversary...where did the time go?

October - our month for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and of course Halloween.

This year, since our family has rediscovered Disneyland, I decided that we'd take the kids out of school and go to Disneyland for Nadia's birthday (October 14th, which is also our wedding anniversary - she couldn't wait 1/2 hour to be born on the 15th instead!). All this year, you get in free on your birthday at DL. Well, we have the annual pass, so it wasn't that big of a deal, but the fact that you get a birthday pin and everyone wishes you on your birthday made it pretty neat. Also, if you have the annual pass, they give you the cost of a one-day ticket as a gift card to spend in the park! Nadia got $62 to spend that day!

So the plan was to spend the night at a hotel down by DL and go in on the 14th early to spend the day there. We'd leave between 7-8 pm to get back home so the girls can go to school the next day. Since it was also our wedding anniversary, I had asked Chris to take the day off to go with us. It was our 15th anniversary, after all, so he could take a day to celebrate, right? Well, the day before I find out he didn't take the day off. I found out from a friend, Chris didn't tell me directly...made me livid. I skyped him asking him if this was true and he said yes, he couldn't take the day off and time just got away from him which is why he didn't tell me. ARGH! I was so mad at him the entire rest of the afternoon and evening. He came to the hotel after work and we went out to dinner and I was still mad. I hadn't planned anything else to celebrate and that was gone too.

We had dinner and got back to the hotel and got the kids ready for bed. When I went into our bedroom, there was a note on my pillow. It was a beautiful letter from Chris, about the ups and downs in our past 15 years and what the next 15 years will bring (like Maya being 24 and Nadia being 21!) and it was just beautifully touching. But I was still mad. Then, I read this:

"PS - This card is also to inform you that you will be going away this weekend. Please be ready on Friday afternoon with a bag packed for 2 nights away from home."

He couldn't take Wednesday (our actual anniversary) off because he took Friday off to take me away on a surprise trip.

I felt like a dope. I think he enjoyed it.

It was a wonderful weekend. He took me to a B&B in Santa Barbara. Friday night we got a bottle of wine and enjoyed the private hot tub in our patio. :-) Saturday we got up and spent the day window and actual shopping. We spent a while in an antique mall and I found a circa 1910 camera which I fell in love with and picked up. Chris found an old lithograph copy of the famous 1896 Absinthe poster. We found a great game store and picked up a few new board games. We had a truly delicious dinner that night at a sushi restaurant. After that, we headed back to the B&B and played some games with a couple of glasses of wine. Sunday, on our way back to LA, we stopped at a few more antique shops (Chris even looked them up!).

Here are pictures from the weekend:

The best part of the weekend for me was spending the one-on-one time with Chris. With the hustle and bustle of daily life as parents, I think we lost touch with each other for a bit. The weekend helped me remember the man I fell in love with. Funny, sweet, loving, sexy, fun. Just being us again was good for me.

Happy anniversary, darling. Here's to the next 15!
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