Priya Bradfield (priyabradfield) wrote,
Priya Bradfield


  • 13:08 Fight on, Trojans! Beat the Huskies! #usctrojans #usc
  • 13:16 Here we go, Trojans, here we go! #fb #usctrojans #usc
  • 13:23 What the hell! Where is the tackling, USC?
  • 13:30 Good defense, USC! Let's go for the TD now! #usctrojans #usc
  • 13:40 WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT CALL????? That's bullshit! #usctrojans #usc
  • 13:53 Go USC! Damn Washington fans piss me off. And they have bad punctuation too.
  • 13:59 That was NOT good timeclock management. But great drive nonetheless to go into the half... #usc #usctrojans
  • 14:10 @threeparts That's a pretty cool dream! I know Maya and Nadia would love it if I owned a dragon and they would enjoy the sushi too. LOL
  • 14:13 @HallmarkEdge Thanks for the shoutout...I'm following you now. :-)
  • 14:14 This football game is a nail-biter. Hope that USC makes some amazing adjustments during halftime. We need to win this one! #usctrojans
  • 15:22 Here we go, Trojans, here we go! #USC
  • 15:25 Come on Trojans, show your support! Continue the #USC wave. #uscwave
  • 15:35 Tied! Let's go, Trojans!! #USC
  • 15:37 @CiscoMan me too! Fight on!
  • 15:54 @USCFootballNews didn't expect a national title with a freshmen QB...but we killed ourselves w/ penalties & turnovers.
  • 15:55 Easy to throw words when the win is against a new QB #washingtonsucks
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