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Maya's pet caterpiller

Out of the Box

Yes, there is one in there somewhere! Maya picked up this caterpiller about 2 weeks ago in front of our building. Everyday, on the way home from the bus stop, she'd pick some leaves and feed Out of the Box (that's what she named it, I don't know why, so don't ask!). OOTB would eat a lot those first few days! Then we found out why - over the last weekend, it spun a cocoon! Not one hanging from a twig, but under a rock that Maya picked up for OOTB. Lucky for OOTB, Maya insisted on getting a couple of rocks for it!

Well, that picture was taken today when I took OOTB to Maya's school so they could watch it for her while we're in Japan for the next 6 days. Maya cried because she is afraid that OOTB will emerge from the cocoon while we're gone. I'm kind of afraid of that too, but better the class lets it go than to come home from our trip to a dead butterfly/moth (we're not sure what will emerge). Maya's teacher has agreed to take pictures of it everyday for her. Especially if it comes out while we're gone.

I'm so proud of Maya for wanting to explore animals this way. At first she wanted a pet spider...but I nixed that idea. And we couldn't find a praying mantis. But the fuzzy caterpiller we found has turned out to be pretty darned neat!
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