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  • 15:42 my green icon in support of a #FreeIran #IranElection
  • 15:52 I wonder if PETA is against eating goldfish crackers? #peta
  • 15:54 #Inaperfectworld my children would always remain innocent, be happy, and feel loved.
  • 17:32 @cbscribe I want to post to LJ but it takes longer to do a post than a tweet.
  • 17:59 @wgfinley Omg the riots, flashback! btw when will u come for homecoming? I want to see you!
  • 08:26 A poll in 5/09 on CA voters: 75% supported increased taxes on alcohol, 74% on increased taxes on tobacco, and 73% on a tax on oil companies.
  • 08:26
  • 08:29 @Schwarzenegger read this:
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