Priya Bradfield (priyabradfield) wrote,
Priya Bradfield


  • 12:44 I cried at her graduation...I didn't think I would at the second childs graduation, but she's my baby.
  • 13:26 @meowmeowbutt fb = will update my facebook status.
  • 13:28 @Schwarzenegger depends on who the tax increase is actually for...
  • 13:30 LAX is as lovely as ever... /sarcasm
  • 13:57 - My cousins from LAX waiting for their flight to Seattle.
  • 14:28 Apparently gold threading in clothes can set off the security machines at LAX. *headdesk*
  • 15:06 @Schwarzenegger Why are you against a tax on oil production companies?
  • 15:21 I miss them already...
  • 15:49 Going 7 mph on the 405 N...
  • 16:41 One hour and 45 minutes to go 23 miles...damn 405.
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