Tweets - A Movement In Time And Space
Moving through time and space in our own way
  • 10:55 At Disneyland today! Getting on the Jungle Cruise now...
  • 11:29 Pirates of the Carribean next...
  • 11:30 Er...Caribbean...
  • 15:09 Haunted house, then lunch, then Disneyland Railroad. Now Toontown, next Fantasyland!
  • 15:10 Of course on the day we are out all day long, the sun decides it's time to bear down on us. PAH!
  • 15:31 Nadia went on her first rollercoaster!
  • 18:01 - Right after Splash Mountain!
  • 21:22 Ow my tired feet...
  • 21:26 @Slave2three I think she's hooked too!
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