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Children's Book Clubs

So, I'm interested in starting a book club at my kids' elementary school as a PTA-sponsored activity. Not sure exactly how to structure it, other than split into three groups - Kindergarten; 1-2 grades; 3-5 grades. I've been researching online, so I can present this idea at the next PTA executive meeting on Jan 12th, and found a few great resources. Notable ones are

Mayor Daley's Elementary Book Club
Kids Read
The Kids' Book Club Book Recommendations
Lazy Readers
Assn. for Library Service to Children

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions or been a part of a kids' book club? eleme, I thought of you and wondered if you had any advice or other kids' websites that I can read through.

On a personal note, Maya has been reading books in spurts lately. She devoured all of the Spiderwick Chronicles books, reading all 5 books in the series in about a week and a half. She's now going through the Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles books. We've watched the movie twice, which she loves. She started reading Coraline before we left for vacation. Before that, she did read City of Ember and enjoyed it. I want to read it myself, since I believe a movie is coming out. The story itself seems very interesting. This and the Narnia series are deemed to be for grades 4-6, but Maya has read them early. The first two Narnia books, she read in the 2nd grade, last year. She asked for Beedle the Bard by JK Rowling for Christmas and she got it, so I expect her to start that one soon.

I like that she's asking for books as presents.

I know she's read more, but since I'm not at home to look at her bookshelf, I can't remember them off the top of my head. I think she read a Pokemon book or two, and maybe a Captain Underpants one...
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