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Domestic bliss, part 2

I can't tell you how much I love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! Because of one now very nasty looking Magic Eraser (as you can see due to the wonders of my iPhone!), my microwave, oven, and fridge are once again white.

I don't mean just white, either. I mean, brand-new-like-white! They match my actually-brand-new cabinets.

Its crazy how happy this is making me right now.

Speaking of crazy, we are still not moved into our house. I think it will be this weekend. I hope it will be. I'm getting very sick of staying in my inlaws' tiny apartment.

So, we started demo on the kitchen on August 1st. And on Tuesday, September 9th, Chris finished the flooring in there. All the appliances are now installed. We are on the home stretch.

I'm going to start sharing the pics of the process. Chris has done an amazing job all by himself. That being said, it really hasn't been that long of a project. It just feels long because of the move and the fact that after all these years, and now a month and a half, we are still not living there. But we will be very very very very soon!

Here is a set of 9 pictures of the kitchen before we started this project:

I'll post another set soon.
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