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I'm pretty sure that Maya has said "I'm so glad to be in the US again" about once every other day. I never really thought she missed it all that much, but she remembers a lot more of her life here than I thought.

We have our house officially back, but we're not moving in quite yet. Chris has jumped fully into redoing our kitchen.



Our sink used to be under that window. :D He got the whole thing ripped out in 4 himself. His Dad came came for a 1/2 day on Saturday and helped him with the tile countertop that was set in cement, but other than that, Chris has been a one man wrecking crew. He is having a ball.

We placed the order for cabinets, countertop, new stainless steel sink and fixtures last Thursday. Should be delivered to the house by the end of this coming week. We went with white cabinets (again, but for a reason!), butcher block countertop (NO MORE TILES! YAY!), and laminate flooring that has the look and feel of stone. I have to decide on the backsplash (tiles, but deciding between colored tiles or stainless steel tiles) and wall color. We got rid of glass cabinets that separated the kitchen from the dining room, so the new wall color will extend throughout the kitchen and into the dining room. I'm thinking deep red..white cabinets, wood counter top, stone floors, stainless steel appliances...we have white ones now, but we will slowly replace them over the next year or two, with the sink being replaced right away...I have my eye on a beautiful stainless steel Maytag french door fridge, with the freezer on the bottom. But that will be later, possible in a few months. Have to pace ourselves.

Between now and when the cabinets come in, Chris is going to get all the trash out. We'll call a trash removal service for a bin, and he's going to go to Home Depot and grab a couple of guys from there for help. So far, we've spent less than $5,000...if we can keep the whole renovation under $10,000, I'll be so, so happy. I think we can do it. Especially with Chris doing most of the work himself.

While Chris is working on the kitchen, the girls and I have been painting their room. Its almost 2am...more on that tomorrow.
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