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GoPets Fun!

We went to a GoPets marketing event on Sunday evening. It was in Myeong-dong, a somewhat upscale part of Seoul. Lots of fancy stores, foreign labels and lots of young, somewhat rich, Seoul-ites (is that what citizens of Seoul are called?). Anyway, the event was from 4pm to 7pm. Everyone from the company was asked to attend, it was the last marketing event in Seoul. They've been having these for the last few weekends all around Seoul. They had some girls dressed up in cute outfits and some large costumed people handing out GoPets promotional materials (pencils, post-it pads, handfans and scratch-off cards with a link to some online gifts). Tons of people, lots of them wanting their pictures with the girls and/or the big plushes. The kids had a good time, especially Maya. Nadia was scared of the big costumed critters, except of course, at the very end, when I didn't have my camera with me (Chris had the camera)! LOL

Pictures from GoPets Marketing Event at Myeong-dong

It was fun with all the employees there. Everyone was handing out the promo stuff and just chatting and having fun. A little later, everyone headed to the Starbucks. The company got everyone a drink, sort of a small "thank you for coming out on your Sunday to support the company". My drink got messed up *sigh*. I wanted an iced latte, got it and it was hot. Bleck. So, I had to go and get a cup of ice since someone said it was nearly impossible to get them to understand the mistake. *rolling eyes* ANYWAY...

Maya hit it off with a little girl who was just about her age. One of the guys at work, JJ, his daughter is just about two months older than Maya. She just came up to Maya and sat down next to her in the same chair and they just started talking and laughing and playing. It totally made me smile. Aren't they just so cute?

The Girls hit it off! The Girls hit it off!

Speaking of cute, OMG, look at this picture that John S. took of Nadia at the event:


Good Lord, who's child is that? Ok, I'm going to say it, darn it, she is just gorgeous! Yeah, I know, I'm biased because she's my baby, but come on, don't you agree?? I can hear my Mom now: "Don't talk about her like that! Evil Eye!" I know, Mom. I will remove the Evil Eye, I promise.

Anyway, afterward, we headed out to dinner with Erik and family. Went to a dimsum restaurant (YUM!) and had a great dinner. The restaurant is called Din Tai Fung. It is a chain and back in 1993, I think, it was voted one of the 10 best restaurants in the world by the NT Times. It was pretty darn yummy. But as always with dimsum, made me just want more and more and more! Good to know where this restaurant is though...pretty close to our apartment. YAY!

Got home and the girls in bed at about 9pm...late for a school night! We have to start thinking of these things now. Hopefully Maya won't be a complete wreck tomorrow.
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