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Getting close!

Two more days.

Today, we've been packing stuff to take with us and cleaning and getting rid of a lot of trash. Jhem came today and wow, she has been a life-saver. I will miss her, not only because of everything she does for us, but because she is always smiling and is so great with the kids. Her sponsorship with the person I set her up with fell through, but she found another one already. Her old sponsor, apparently, snapped her back up when she heard that Jhem was looking for fulltime work again. She is that good.

I have a lot of earrings. And 5 earring and necklace stands. This makes me very happy. I love them! This one of them:

Tomorrow, the movers come and pack and move everything out.

Wednesday, 10am, we go to the real estate office, turn in our keys, hopefully get our deposit back right away. If not, then they wire it to our still-open Korean bank account.

Wednesday, 7pm, we board Korean Air flight 11 and leave Seoul. I don't know if I'll ever come back - or want to come back. Too many mixed emotions about here. Reading back in my LJ, I haven't really come a long way in accepting this place as "home". It got a hell of a lot better when I started working, but even then, it had many ups and downs.

I will miss things like how safe it is here for the girls, the food (Jae-yuk, spiced pork, is the YUM!), the shopping. That earring stand up there, I bought on the street at a stall for $7. In the US, I've seen them go for $20-$25. All the cute jangles, earrings, little toys.

Anyway, back to packing...
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