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Hurricane Katrina

I've been watching CNN this morning and it has been all about the destruction and the devastation. And about the appalling delay in response from the Bush administration. I can't say I'm surprised. Rush right out to help Iraq but take your time in getting to your own people...that's what is being said. Some have even compared the response time between September 11th and this disaster...and saying it is a race issue. Makes you really wonder...and just so sad.

[rant mode on]
One thing that is just angering me though is the comparision of the situation to a "third world country". Nothing makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end like that damn phrase. Please, if you are reading this, try to refrain from ever using this derogatory term to describe those countries. Use "developing nations" instead. In my opinion, the implication of first, second and third world countries is part of the problem that is the lopsided distribution of resources in our world. Those countries, which India is considered a part of, are developing. And to tell you the truth, quite quickly. Ok, maybe it is just a terminology issue, but I assure you the attitude of saying "third world country" and "developing nation" is very different.
[rant mode off]

Alright, I feel better getting that off my chest. Yelling at the tv and the journalists on there wasn't helping.

Anyway, my MOMS Club back in North Hollywood is doing a cash fundraiser for the American Red Cross. I think I'll send them a check...

Gotta are starting to fight...again.
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