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Welcome to China and Nadia is a star!

Decided to do something different today and actually go out! Maya went to her friend's house for a playdate, Chris went to work, and Nadia and I met Marisa at Cheongyecheon.

Where, we found out, the Olympic torch was supposed to run through.


So, we hung out for about 2 hours which time, Nadia became a bit of a star among all the Chinese students who were lined up waiting for the torch. Literally, she had people lining up to take pictures of her and with her.

Look at all the pictures I got of people taking pictures of her!

We got a lot of people saying "Welcome to China!" and "She's a star!" Reminded me of the time we got mobbed at the zoo right after we moved to Seoul.

I'm pretty proud of Nadia for not freaking out. At some point though, you could tell her smile was just plastered on her face. LOL Maya would have just hid behind me the whole time. My girls are so different, I love it.

After all that waiting, I had to leave to go home, cause Maya was coming back from her playdate at dinner time. Marisa said the torch came through 15 minutes after I left. :-(
Tags: funny kid stories, korean experiences, memories, nadia, pictures
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